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At Theresa Jekel Family Child Care, Colorado’s first Nature Explore Classroom, children engage in self-directed, open-ended exploration, within a natural environment. It’s where children grow socially and emotionally, and create a foundation for secure life-long relationships and meaningful play-based learning. It’s a place where children call home.

Theresa Jekel LLC, is a legally-exempt home, providing child care in the state of Colorado since 1988. Theresa holds over 600 hours of training certificates of early childhood core knowledge areas and continues to attend numerous workshops annually in social-emotional, nutritional, developmental practices, and nature-based play opportunities, among others.

Theresa provides long-term child care for families seeking consistent, long-term relationships. Children enrolled in her program form ‘sibling-like’ bonds, which often lead to lifelong friendships. Children entrusted to Theresa’s care usually enroll as infants/toddlers and stay to their Pre-Kindergarten school year. It is not uncommon for a family with siblings, to be enrolled in her program, for five to seven years.

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