Colorado's 1st Nature Explore Classroom, Old Town Ft Collins

"Words cannot express the respect and appreciate I have for the skill and environment Theresa provides for my grand-kids. My daughter forwards to me the emails Theresa sends the parents of all (maybe not all but it sure seems like it) the activities the kids participate in during an average day at her home. I am EXTREEEEEEMELY grateful she accepted my two grand-kids into her program. I firmly believe she gives ALL of her kids an incredible AND significant head start on understanding life and learning. " - Dave Peot | 06/2018

Theresa has cared for our now-5yo son since he was an infant. We cannot fully express in words how grateful we are to her for the excellent care she's given him over the years. As an infant, we knew he was in a safe and enriching environment with older children to look up to and inspire him. Now that he's one of the bigger kids, I'm continually amazed at the independence, creativity, and kindness she has helped cultivate in him (and his peers). We know our little guy is prepared for his journey into Kindergarten next fall, but are also just a little sad that his play-based education at Theresa's is nearing a close. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for child care in a home environment. - Andrea & Russ Schumacher | 06/2018,1,,,

"Theresa is an awesome lady and amazing at daycare! Our little guy excelled in her environment and has taken many of her teachings on to school where is a great friend and mentor to others. I marvel at the pictures that scroll by my screensaver from all the fun she has with those in her care. What a gift." - Alison Rogers | 10/2016

“Theresa is amazing. While I'm sure there are the challenging moments, the underlying feeling of the place is quite simply, joy. Her ideas for activities, etc. are extremely creative and extremely empowering (not to mention FUN!) for the little ones in her care. Our little ones love their time there, and we couldn't be happier with her care.” - Chris Farley | 07/2015

"Theresa provided exemplary care for our daughter for 5+ years. Her home is a warm, safe and welcoming environment that our daughter learned, made wonderful friends and thrived in. Our child holds dear the time she spent at Theresa’s house and is always lobbying us to take her for a visit!" -Mike and Kristen Coley | 11/2014

"Theresa is an excellent child care provider. We are grateful that our little one has been in such good hands. She sends us many pictures each week so we know what the kiddos have been up to. This is an added benefit that is appreciated." -Chris Mitchell | 08/2014

“We’re so blessed having Theresa as our daycare provider. You know when your child says, "I want to go home!" and he's referring to Theresa's - you have a good daycare provider. She has truly become a part of our lives and someone my kiddo looks up too. We couldn’t ask for anyone better! -Alysce Christian | 5/2014

“Theresa is fantastic. She loves the kids individually and is really focused on teaching them education and real world living tasks. We are very pleased with the overall care and education that Theresa provides for our child. It is like a full-on pre-school but with only 5-6 kids. Any child would be lucky to be in her care.”  -Alison Rogers | 03/2014

“Theresa, I am so excited to see your Certified Nature Explore Classroom. You are always striving for the best! Encouraging creative thinking about science and nature in early childhood is fantastic!”  - Linda Jefferies, chemist | 10/2013

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